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Feed Sacks
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Feed sacks as we know them developed in the mid 1920s.  Prior to this manufactures of sacks used them to advertise their products by printing their labels directly onto the sacks.   These types of sacks were generally muslin colored and were often used around the house or for clothing.  (generally underwear or nightgowns.)  After the mid 20s however the sacks were also printed with floral, patchwork or in a few cases solid colored fabrics.  The labels on these sacks were easily removed and many of us can remember clothing made out of them.

The sacks I have for sale on this page probably date from the 30-40s.  Unless otherwise noted they measure approximately 18" square.  I have tried to ensure there are no problems with these fabrics but these are used sacks  and something may have gotten by me.  They may have some stitching holes which show these to be true feed sacks.  If you are not happy with your purchase I will refund your purchase price.  Come back as I have just started going through the many sacks in my collection.

If you would like to order sacks please send me any email (order@piecedart.com) with the item #'s listed.  I will get back to you generally within the same day to let you know if the sack is available. My shipping charges are minimal since these do not weigh much.  If you would like priority shipping it is $4.20 for up to 2lbs.

Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

Palm frond? Fireworks? in deep purple, aqua, pinky red, lime green

fdsk2003 $7



Novelty Sack:  China men in Purple on White 

fdsk2011 $14

Blue Flowers on Cream with Red

fdsk2012 $12

Blue Daisies with Pink Flowers on White

fdsk2013 $9

Sweet Peas in Blue & Pink on White

fdsk2014 $9

Stylized Flowers 

fdsk2015 $7

Red Paisley Shapes on White with black stitching

fdsk2017 $8

Novelty Sack:  Chinamen in Purple on White 

fdsk2018 $14

Large Pink Flowers with Green and White Accents on Blue

fdsk2020 $8

Stylized Flowers in Red with Blue and Green Accents on White

fdsk2021 $9

White Flowers and Leaves on Grass Green

fdsk2022 $8

'Pop Art Flowers' in Red with Navy Accents on White

fdsk2023 $8

Blue Check Table Cloth Plaid Denim Blue and Cream

fdsk2024 $8

Blue spots with red and navy accents on white

fdsk2025 $9

Pink, Purple & Green Tulips and Flowers on white

fdsk2026 $8

White Daisies with Red on Christmas Green

fdsk2027 $8

Cotton bolls on Pink with blue, green & burgundy accents

fdsk2029 $12

Blue Carnations on Blue

fdsk0501 $14

Lt Blue, Navy, Orange Abstract

fdsk0502 $9

Blue Carnations on Red

fdsk0503 $14

Blue and White Plaid

fdsk0504 $10

Blue Daisies

fdsk0506 $10

Blue Floral with Red and Green

fdsk0507 $10

Blue Diamond Check Pattern

fdsk0508 $10

Blue Flowers

fdsk0509 $10

Blue and Grey Stripe

fdsk0510 $9

Shades of Brown

fdsk0511 $9


fdsk0512 $9

Diamond Check with Pink, Blue and Green

fdsk0513 $10

Floral Stripe 'Swedish'

fdsk0514 $10

Abstract Floral Wreath

fdsk0515 $12

Abstract Shapes in Red and Black

fdsk0516 $9

Multi colored Floral

fdsk0517 $9

Green and Gold Diamonds

fdsk0518 $9

Green Check with Flowers

fdsk0519 $10

Blue Green Victorian Check

fdsk0520 $12

Orange Norwegian Design

fdsk0523 $10

Tropical Orchids

fdsk0524 $9

Red, White and Blue Check

fdsk0526 $14

Pink 'Amoeba'

fdsk0527 $14

Blue Daisies on Pink

fdsk0528 $15

Pink Flowers on Blue

fdsk0529 $9

Plaid Check in Red and Grey

fdsk0530 $9

Pink and Purple Design

fdsk0531 $9

Red Floral with Navy Flowers

fdsk0532 $14

Red Flowers on Blue

fdsk0533 $14

Red Roses on Blue

fdsk0534 $14

Red Tulips

fdsk0535 $14

Red and Yellow Plaid

fdsk0536 $10

Red Rosebuds

fdsk0537 $14

Swedish Design with Tulips

fdsk0538 $10

Tiny Floral Red and Blue

fdsk0539 $10

Tiny Green Check

fdsk0540 $9

Rosebuds on Blue

fdsk0541 $10

Red, Blue and Green Flowers Abstract

fdsk0542 $10

Yellow & Orange Wreaths on Brown

fdsk0543 $14

Novelty Sack:  Lambs with Daffodils

fdsk2030 $15

Novelty Sack:  Cherries

fdsk2031 $15

Novelty Sack:  Swedish/Norwegian Folk Art

fdsk2032 $15

Novelty Sack:  Antique Store Scene

fdskN501 $16

Novelty Sack:  Cat and Dog with Yarn

fdskN502 $20

Novelty Sack: Indian Feathers

fdskN503 $16

Novelty Sack:  Poodles on Red

fdskN504 $25

Novelty Sack:  Pigs at the Trough

fdskN505 $25

Novelty Sack:  Escher

fdskN506 $30

Novelty Sack:  Socks of all colors

fdskN507 $16

Novelty Sack:  Presents on Blue with Roses

fdskN508 $18

Novelty Sack:  Scenes from Mexico

fdskN509 $20

Pink and Blue Cornucopias

fdskN510 $14

Red Dots

fdskN511 $15


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