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Bunnies at Play

I Love the illustrations in turn of the century children's books.  This quilt top was inspired by those books.  I scanned the images and then printed them onto muslin using the Bubble Jet Set.  This is just another way to make use of this great product.  This quilt top is for sale just go to Blocks & Tops at  the top of the page.

The picture really doesn't convey just how nice the blocks look.  They are soft and pliable just like the other fabric used in the top.  

Berta's Quilt

I have an aunt who is special to me and I asked all of our relatives to send pictures that she would enjoy.  This quilt was a result of that request.  As I could not be sure just what I would receive I treated this as a bit of a scrap quilt and wanted it to look like photographs on a wall.

The center of this quilt has a terrific picture of my aunt when she was young.  Old photos can be renewed and used.  



Joe's Quilt

This is Joe's quilt.  It is a graduation gift for the young man featured in the center.  This is just one of the many ways to commemorate a graduation.  Each of the graduates decided on a short description of themselves and I created the centers using these descriptions and their graduation pictures.  Without Bubble Jet Set the cost of making this quilt would have been prohibitive.  The larger quilt which was auctioned off as a fundraiser had 72 images on it.

This is a close-up of Joe's quilt.  

This is a close-up of another quilt I did for a school.  The kid's drew themselves as they would like to be as adults.  Their drawings were scanned into the computer and printed onto fabric using Bubble Jet Set.
Spring Baskets

I enjoy basket quilts.  This was completed a few years ago and currently hangs on a wall in my home.  The quilt was machine pieced and quilted.

Trellis Quilt

An interpretation of an antique quilt using those watercolor fabric strips we all had a few years ago.



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