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Attention Shop Owners

Do not miss out on Bubble Jet Set 2000

February 7, 2000 -- If your customers haven't been asking about this revolutionary new product it is just a matter of time.  Bubble Jet Set (BJS) is the only product on the market today that allows you to print images directly from your computer onto fabric that may then be machine washed and tumbled dry.  The fabric remains soft and may be quilted.  It can be treated as any other fabric you might use for quilting since the product actually bonds the ink to the fabric.  I am the only local distributor for this product and would like to discuss the many possibilities for its use by your customers.

Bubble Jet Set is also the most economical way to transfer designs to fabric via a computer.  BJS is a liquid that is available in 32 oz bottles.  Simple and safe to use,  The solution is poured into a pan and the fabric is allowed to soak in the solution for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes the fabric may be hung to dry or the sheets may be blown dry with a hair dryer.  Once dry they are ironed onto freezer paper and may be placed into the printer and used just like paper.  The image(s) are printed and the paper allowed to dry for 30 minutes at which time the paper is removed and the sheet(s) rinsed in cold water and then washed and tumbled dry.  

One bottle of the solution yields 32-50 sheets of printable fabric.

To view samples of quilts made using this product please visit:_________________

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